Friday, July 8, 2016

Day 7 - Back to Urban Life - Atlanta

One quick note - Due to connection limitations we posted the last 2 days late and the pictures for them just tonight so if you missed them it was not your computer at fault but the KOA bandwidth.

Not only did we get in earlier yesterday but we got out earlier this morning.  Hooray!  We actually got into Atlanta in time for breakfast for us and some juice for Hobson before the stores opened in the shopping area where the chargers were.  Luckily for us a security guy came along and was instrumental in helping us find a place to eat.  Apparently the usual breakfast spot was flooded this week due to a water leak in the dentist office upstairs!   All dental offices should shut off the water to the entire office as there are plenty of hoses that can pop off and spill lots of water.  Apparently that office was not following good practices.
Coke bottle topiary

We then went to both the Georgia Aquarium and the Center for Human Rights which is more about the civil rights movement in the south than the title would indicate.  Both places had excellent exhibits and come highly recommended by us.
The only whale sharks in captivity are at the Georgia Aquarium and they are ginormous.
An albino alligator!  Actually there were two in the exhibit

Kelp forest fish

We then went off to an early dinner having skipped lunch and got to watch thousands of demonstrators marching by the restaurant window in a Black Lives Matter rally which fit the theme of the Center.  We ended up travelling with them for a while but they were not going by our hotel so we left them to get into trouble on their own which judging by the dozens of police vehicles with sirens on that just passed under our window they managed to do.  This country needs to take another giant step forward and this one cannot be easily legislated like the ones in the 60's.  We are going to need some real leadership in that direction and I don't see one yet but according tot he museum MLK Jr. did not set out to be a great leader but it fell to him and he was up to the task and the other initialled guys of the era JFK and LBJ managed to work with him.  Let us hope others of that caliper is out there to help us out of what is increasing looking like a crisis.

Police cars racing to block protesters from blocking the interstate.
Regular Features
Statistics Corner
States involved: We added Georgia to the growing list of states Hobson has seen.  Quite the traveller for an 8 month old.
Final mileage for the day TBA

Atlanta  GA  45 minutes   

Song of the Day: We Shall Overcome by any crowd that knows the words.

Coolest Car of the day: Today the cool car showed up so early se were not ready for pictures.  As we drove down a state highway in Tennessee there was a lot with several old cars including a cream colored '55 Caddy and a red bullet nose Studebaker.  At the risk of being boring red and Studebaker win again!  

Coolest Thing of the Day - Larry
It has to be the juxtaposition of the museum on the Civil Rights movement and this decade's revival of the fight demonstrated by the march that caused chaos in Atlanta at rush hour today.
Coolest Thing of the Day - Michelle
As I write this she is conked out having fallen asleep at both stops and even briefly at dinner.  She might actually vote for the early bedtime but this will have to be filled in tomorrow.

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