Sunday, June 26, 2016



Hello to anyone who ends up here.We are going to test Elon Musk's premise that his cars should be able to travel freely about by taking Hobson, our Tesla, on a trip across the US and at times into Canada.  The last time Larry went cross country it was with Eric in a Volvo with more than 200K miles on it.  We did not have an emergency brake other than the one shown in the picture below and lost the exhaust in Colorado but made it to California where it stayed.  The Tesla is in better shape and so we are taking it on the round trip.   The Volvo created fear because of the number of warning lights it had illuminated.  The Tesla creates fear that it will discharge completely and leave us stranded.  We thrive on uncertainty!

To lessen the danger of being stranded this type of trip takes more planning.  We have had to  eliminate some places we would like to have visited but the country is large and there are plenty of places to go that we can reach. We plan to use RV hookups to charge at night sometimes, Tesla superchargers at others and in some occasions we will be relying on various types of chargers found on PlugShare.  Canada has a whole network of SunCountry chargers that hopefully we tide us over when we are across the border.  This blog will be an attempt to do the following:
  1. Document the cool things we see and do on our trip
  2. Explore the trials and travails of traveling in an electric car over large distances and in remote places while celebrating the self-driving capabilities the car has.
  3. Give us something to do so we don't get bored while riding.

We are stealing an idea from Larry's high school cross country teammate Bob Elias' cross country cycling blog and will post a Song of the day and the Coolest car of the day but will also add a section for each of us to add what we thought was the best thing that happened that day.

Once Hobson is washed and loaded we will be posting pictures of our start on July 2nd.  Feel free to comment.  We will love hearing from you.

Larry and Michelle