Friday, July 22, 2016

Day 20 - Too Many People Blocking our View

Now we have been out for a score of days.  We are getting used to this nomadic lifestyle.  We got the tent up in minutes today and it looks better than any of the previous attempts.  However the campsite was in this past its prime RV park that doubled as trailer park for people who can’t afford a double wide and was run by a grouchy women.  The Crazy Horse Campground does not come highly recommended.

The miles on the car were palindromic for a minute

Prior to that we spent a good part of the day in Zion National Park, a place of shear red walls rising far above the Virgin River.  Larry had been to the park in March of 2015 and what a difference it is coming in July.  The place was mobbed and in order to keep traffic down you are only allowed to move about by shuttle bus which required a 45 minute wait.  We thought about taking a trail from the Visitor Center but were told by the Ranger who we asked about where the trailhead was that the trail was the hottest at the park and would be over 110 degrees.  So we stood in line to take a trail along the river which was somewhat shaded and much cooler than that.  Once we got off the bus we took a trail that ended in a stream so we got our boots soaked.  The climate is so dry though that they were close to dry again by dinner though we had to squish around in them for a good part of the day.

Some Views of the park

Dinner was Mexican food again and probably the best Mexican of the trip so far.  Everyone that works there is from the same family and we had no set server.  Everyone working there wandered through doing whatever the customers needed.  Pretty unique that way.  There was a regular at the next table who got plenty of grief for ordering only one enchilada.  They wanted to know if he was feeling alright.

Looking a bit chubby wading upstream

Statistics Corner
States involved: We added Utah to Hobson’s list of places be has been
We paid $5 to charge the car at the Zion Visitor center.  Actually we did not need the electricity but they were the only spaces available. Kudos to the regular cars for staying out of the spaces even though desperate.  While I was hooking the car up three cars stared into the other EV space but backed out when they saw the sign
We also hooked up at the end of the day at the Crazy Horse Campground though the grouchy lady was not sure the 50 amp plug would work we got a good charge to continue the trip

Regular Features
Song of the Day: Rollin’ on Down the Highway by BTO.  It came up randomly as we were on a straight bit of road and it was perfect.

Coolest Car of the day: Not a car I would ever want but one crazy ass ride..

Church of the day: Another lean day but this one claimed to be the church for two towns across the border from one another and currently in different time zones.  I wonder if the people from Arizona are early or the ones from Utah are late.  None of the churches we saw today we LDS.

Coolest Thing of the Day –Larry – The hike to the Emerald Pools

Coolest Thing of the Day –Michelle- She most enjoy wading in the river which kept her nice and cool. 

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