Friday, July 1, 2016

Day 0- We Prepare


The route is planned to the mile at least until mid-August.  The car is washed and vacuumed.  The luggage, or at least the stuff we thought to pack is stowed and it all fit.  That might be a credit to Tesla luggage space or our forgetting something really important but it looks good.  By morning his electrons will have all been promoted to higher energy states and at 5:00am we hit the road.  We don't know how we are going to publish this if we don't have an internet connection but we have many hours of highway driving and battery charging to figure that out.  

While I assume we will make the trip without the car dying on the side of the road that assumption comes with hours of preparation.  Driving a car that can only get recharged at certain places is not a slam dunk endeavor.  There are people and places we would have liked to have seen but cannot reach.  Even with those limitation we will be seeing lots of great people and lots of really cool places. Truthfully I don't think we could pack much more into this adventure than we are going to.  The folks and one special dog in Nebraska are going to have to wait until they get more chargers in that area for us to visit and we will see Nashville some other trip.

As far a Hobson goes this will mark the first time he has been into any state but RI, NH or MA.  Not only has he only made local trips but he is a car of privilege!  Until now he gets washed routinely and has never even spent a night outside.  Another spoiled brat thrown into the cruel world!   Luckily for us he is an American car so like most Americans cannot speak a foreign language.  That means the Japanese car and the German car that sit outside so he can be in the garage can't tell him about how it feels to have sap, bird poop and this year, tons of gypsy moth caterpillar droppings, raining down on you.  We also have Italian and French cars so I will bet he is looking forward to being able to chat up the female Tesla's at the superchargers especially as handsome as he is all cleaned up.

Enough for now see you on the road.  


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