Friday, July 22, 2016

Day 21 - Hoodoos Galore

Wow!  The scenery at Bryce Canyon is like nothing else on Earth and every 5 feet and every passing cloud changed it.  It was breathtakingly beautiful, the temperature was not bad and it and only rained for about an hour.  There were rock arches and Ponderosa pines to hide under for those brief moments when the rain started falling harder.  This is easily one of the best days of  trip.  We had an expensive but very nice dinner on the restaurant deck which afforded a nice view of the surrounding countryside.  Ruby's campground is a large step up from the Crazy Horse and is nicer than the KOA sites which were good.  We have both a place to put the car and a shaded soft spot for the tent.

You know you are having a local brew in Utah when it has this name

Michelle in her goal to not let any family not have their picture taken did take a picture of a very nice couple and their grown daughter who turned out to live near us in Massachusetts.  We hung with them but then we went hiking and they continued on by car as they had done the hikes on a previous day and were headed back to drop the daughter in Salt Lake City.  The daughter told Michelle how teachers got free rocks at the local rock shop so now we have a bag of rocks in the car.

A couple of view of Bryce

We also hid under an arch to avoid the rain with a Mennonite family from Pennsylvania who are doing much the same route we are.  They will be in Banff just about the same time as we are.  They were fun to spend some dry time with.  Enough talk.  We have taken some 200 pictures today which while they do not do justice to the beauty of the place will convey some sense of the wonder.  For those of you that remember View Masters this place actually looks like those slides.  There are this narrow slabs of sandstone stacked in front of you so it looks like those fake 3-D images that you could click through as a kid.

Here are some organism seen today.


A deer

A rattlesnake.

Statistics Corner
States involved: We are not leaving Utah anytime soon.
We hooked up at the end of the day at Ruby's which falls short of the Crazy Horse in one way.  Rather than having 218 volts at the plug they are only pushing 198 which means a whopping 5mph less in charging speed but as we have all night it does not matter.

Regular Features
Song of the Day: America the Beautiful.  It really is sometimes and the number of foreigners here in Utah enjoying the splendor is great.  Everyone looks American and you can rarely tell until they talk.  Americans are so diverse hat often someone who doesn't fit the typical American look comes out with normal American speech and others who look American in dress speak German, Canadian French, Chinese or some language that is not easily identified.  

Coolest Car of the day: The restaurant was in this small town outside the park that had three old Novas on our route.  This is the best one though not the best picture by far.

Church of the day: While there were at least one church that was stranger this one is the first LDS one we have seen in Utah so deserves mention

Coolest Thing of the Day –Larry – The incredible views everywhere in Bryce Canyon.  It was great fun finding hoodoos that looked like various people and things.  Examples are found below.

Queen Victoria - This was the park's find.  There was a special trail to her


Larry thought Henry Moore women sculpture MIchelle thought something else

Coolest Thing of the Day –Michelle- She just picks the whole park.


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