Saturday, July 23, 2016

Day 22 - We pass three weeks and 5000 miles and are still having fun

As we had a bit of travelling to do today to find another area of Utah to play in we needed to pick a short activity for today.  We chose Cedar Breaks National Monument.  We are finding the National Monuments better in some ways than the National Parks as they are much less crowded.  This one was no exception.  It gave the views of sheer red walls with layers of other colors but combined it with abundant wildflowers still in bloom and had the other advantage of being at 10000+ feet os it was not unbearably warm.  We took a nice hike along a wooded path where we saw numerous birds and flowers.
There are lots of these in Utah
Bicyclists at 10,000 feet and going uphill!  I admire them.

Michelle among the flowers

Even the ride in was interesting as we passed a large lava flow and a lake with cows on the beach.  They were already black so must do that sort of thing everyday.

Cows on the beach

And pirates in the water.  Everyone else on the lake was fishing.  This guy must just steal them.

The ride to Moab was scenic and we made it more exciting be skipping a Supercharger.  That prompted a whole new bunch of warnings from the car that we had never seen before.  The last time we did something foolish in Hobson's eyes he issued a stern warning that we might not make it to the next Supercharger but never suggested a speed.  Maybe he is learning that we don't turn around for any reason.

We arrived in Moab with some juice left and at a reasonable time for dinner despite not doing 65 nor stopping in the aptly named town of Green River for a charge  The river looked as green as all the freshly watered alfalfa fields around here.

Statistics Corner
States involved: We have moved to a different corner of the same state
We charged in Richfield UT where a Belgian couple stopped just so he could ask questions about the car.  Very nice people but very weird.

The Superchargers in Moab are down the street from where we are staying so we rolled into town, plugged in and retrieved the car after dinner.  Will do the same after the parks for the next two days
Regular Features
Song of the Day: Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head by BJ Thomas.  Not only does the terrain look like where Butch and Sundance roamed but it rained a little today too.

Coolest Car of the day: This was a good car day.  I don't normally like these hot rodded old cars but this one is good and I missed the picture of the bright orange 70's Porsche coming up the road.  Sorry Jim .  I really love those Pontiac hood ornaments so this might have won anyway.

Church of the day: An A-frame church in Kanab, UT

Coolest Thing of the Day –Larry – The butterflies were pretty cooperative here

Coolest Thing of the Day –Michelle- The alpine pond on our walk.


  1. Stay Strong Presto! You love old Porsches!

    1. I do love them but they can't win everyday

    2. I do love them but they can't win everyday