Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Day 24 - Tony and Gale

The day started out as usual.  We did not get out to the park of the day, Canyonlands, until the temperature had already started to climb.  Of course there were red walls everywhere but this park is at the confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers which have contributed along with ancient waterways and lakes to create a myriad of canyons and mesas stretching for miles in all directions.  The pictures will certainly not convey to enormity of this place but we will include them anyway.

Island in the Sky


More Canyons

One more canyon view
This park is still a bit untamed and is divided into three sections each progressively more wild and less accessible.  We picked the section closest to us and with the most paved roads as Hobson despite his advantage of AWD does not have the ground clearance that one needs to off-road.  So we set out to do our usual hikes from the road and that worked well until about noon.  While at an overlook we stopped at just before the next hike's trailhead we ran into Tony and Gale, an interesting retired couple from Tuscon, Arizona.  They were so damn interesting we then spent hours talking with them and sharing our food with them.  We were finally chased out by an afternoon thunderstorm only to reconvene an hour and a half later for ice cream.  We then hung out in the ice cream place until they closed and continued to share stories until 1 am.

Michelle would go no further up this trail but did wave goodbye.

In Tesla news the car started melting down on the way up to Canyonlands with music skipping here and there.  Things got worse in the park which we blamed on the heat but as it was cooler than yesterday we go a bit nervous when the touch screen became unresponsive.  However a reboot of the computer set everything back to right.  Whew.

Statistics Corner
States involved: Another day in Utah.  We will start moving again soon but for now this place has been amazing.
We again used the Moab Supercharger while we showered for our ice cream date.
Regular Features
Song of the Day: Here Comes the Rain Again - The Eurhytmics.  No rain yesterday but monsoon season came back today and as noted above shortened our picnic at Canyonlands.

Coolest Car of the day: This piece of junk is lowered beyond all reason.

Church of the day: We found a church in Moab.  We did pass it yesterday but didn't see it as it is not on the main drag.

Coolest Thing of the Day – Larry - The incredible vistas at Canyonlands and especially the Island in the Sky which is what the section of the park we went to is named for and of course talking with Gale and Tony

Coolest Thing of the Day –Michelle-  Chatting with Gale and Tony was great and as a science teacher the crater was really wild.
A view of the crater.  You could not ever get a picture of the whole thing and the salt deposits are much brighter green-blue than the camera captured.

Guess who?

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