Friday, July 15, 2016

Day 14 - Two weeks and counting

We left Austin sadly, as it is a special place.  Today we followed what I am calling the Killing Trail.  From the area where Whitman shot 17 people in Austin, through Waco where that tragic confrontation took place and into Oklahoma City, the home of the McVeigh bombing.  It would have been nicer to remember good things but those bad things stick in the mind.

Part of the OK City memorial - one chair for every victim - small ones for the kids.  Along the fence people pinned up there numbers from the Marathon they run in memory each year.

Meanwhile the countryside has turned flatter and the vegetation sparser as we go north. The dominant features in the landscape are the water towers and where they are present windmills.  The corn in Texas and Oklahoma is mostly brown and it doesn't look good at all.  The rain has stopped following us unfortunately for the farmers.  The Brickyard in Oklahoma City is hopping on a Friday night but the downtown area is deserted.  It is however clean and free of homeless folks which makes it seem very orderly compared to New Orleans or Austin but a little sterile.

Michelle trying to improve the Oklahoma City street art

A couple more Tesla tidbits.  One real disadvantage of never stopping at a gas station is that you never get to wash the windshield.  Ours is a disaster and I am hoping my sister will have window cleaner for us as well as a battery charger for the camera.  The other is that it is spooky when people leave the superchargers as you know they got into the car but if you don't watch they leave so quietly you never hear them go.  I still expect that one cannot leave without starting an engine.
Statistics Corner
States involved: We added Oklahoma to our growing list of states visited.  Of course they come more slowly now that we are out west where the states are larger.

Waco TX 45 minutes which we spent in a bakery that gave us free drinks!

Denton TX  15 minutes.  The car could have gone on but our bladders could not
Ardmore TX  45 minutes next to a very odd couple from Massachusetts.  Apparently just before we got there another car from Mass was charging.  The lone Texas Tesla was afraid we were invading.
Oklahoma City OK – 40 minutes

Regular Features
Song of the Day: Rockin’ Down the Highway by the Doobie Brothers – This popped up on Spotify and seemed like the perfect song for a heavy travel day

Coolest Car of the day: This ’60 Chevy flew by at 90 mph on I-35.  I admire the driver’s hutzpah driving that piece of junk that fast more than the car itself.  Runner-up was a Volvo 544 that I did not get a picture of.  

Even one of his signal lights is out!

Church of the day: The steeple is nice but what caught my eye was the small outdoor chapel on the left of the picture partially obscured by the tree.

This church is directly across from the Oklahoma City Memorial 

Coolest Thing of the Day - Larry and Michelle
There wasn't much on the agenda other than driving today.  The one and only thing we did was see the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial so that wins for both of us.


  1. if you tell me where the charger is i can mail it on

  2. We can help with the window cleaner but I'll have to ask Alan about the charger