Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day 3 - Happy Birthday America

A Day of Celebration

We wandered back down to the mall in DC after dropping Geoff and Lori off at the Nationals game to find our great parking spot from yesterday available again.  What a great city!  We then wandered down the parade route to get a picture of Michelle with Einstein so she can show her students that she has met great scientists.
Michelle and one the giants of science

We then went back to the parade route and a parade showed up a little while later.  The parade organizers did a great job of spacing the music and the HS bands that marched were uniformly fantastic and had fantastic uniforms.  The rain held off for the entire parade but started as soon as it ended.

The Kissmobile which somehow I never knew existed

One of the many bands

The Hare Krisna float

Everyone in Washington then queued up at the museums to get dry only to find they had to wait in long lines outside. The Hirshhorn Gallery had no line so we ducked in there.  We both find contemporary art is a hit or miss proposition and this collection certainly has both.  Michelle spent her time watching a film of a Rube Goldberg type maze that included lots of pyrotechnics and lots of water rather than the usual balls running down ramps.  Larry only had to watch it once but Michelle kept falling asleep so spent most of the afternoon trying to see the whole thing.  Larry's favorite part was the Robert Irwin exhibit which he visited while Michelle slept.

While in the museum the rain diminished to drizzle and we ventured out for an early dinner as we had missed lunch.  We had dinner and an even bigger dessert at Clydes.  We then went back the car grabbed out chairs and heading off for the concert on the Capitol lawn.  We then had contact with two miracles.  The first Miracle was us seeing one of Smokey Robinson's band members drop his umbrella.  Michelle ran up to return it to him and he thanked her but did not offer us backstage passes.  The other was that the rain ended just as the music started.  There was an all-star lineup that perform predictably well.  At about 9, just before the 9:09 start of the fireworks low clouds rolled in to make them a lot less spectacular than they might have been.

Statistics Corner

States involved:
No new states today
Final mileage for the day 49.8  kWh used 12.6

None needed

Regular Features

Song of the Day:God Bless America by Kate Smith.  A great song about a country that is still great despite what Donald Trump says.  No country is perfect but we are glad to be US citizens.

Coolest car of the Day:  I got locked out of the house early in the morning so wandered around the neighborhood for a little over an hour and found a VW camper.  Maybe next trip will be in one of them.  

Coolest Thing of the Day - Larry
While the parade and concert were both top notch I loved the Robert Irwin exhibit.

Coolest Thing of the Day - Michelle

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