Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Day 25 - Back to Family

After a long stay of three days we reluctantly left Moab for the biggest city in Utah.  We arrived in Salt Lake City early enough to go tour the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints grounds and wander up to the Capital before the highlight of the day visiting niece Emily and her daughter Megan.  Unfortunately John had to fly out before dinner time so we didn't get the whole family.  Megan took a little while to warm to the occasion but once she did we had a great time coloring, playing keep away and having her read us stories although the library ran out of good books after a while.

Megan reading us the story of the Three Pigs and the Nice Wolf.

Another State House
While in the Visitor Center at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we spoke with a nice young women from Australian.   She wanted to know if we had any questions so we threw he a soft one and she explained the difference between Mormon temples and churches.  It turns out the aptly named Angel Moroni sits atop all temples unless city ordinances have height restrictions that preclude him standing up there atop the temple.  Churches are not adorned with this striking figure and his trumpet.  For those not among the anointed the Angel Moroni is the angel that led Joseph Smith to the Book of Mormon gold pages which of course nobody but Smith really saw but three folks did attest to seeing them in a vision.  I had no idea there were psychedelic mushrooms in upstate New York.

Later we had a longer conversation with another young women from Argentina in which she explained that the pioneers were lucky in that the Indians taught them how to prepare.  They subsisted on them for a year she said.  The chapel we were in at the time had lots of flowers representing those halcyon days.  It is also as of 1911 Utah's state flower although our guide did say they were now quite rate in Utah.

Statistics Corner
States involved: The last day we don't leave Utah.  Tomorrow we will leave Utah behind.
Price UT - 30 boring minutes
Salt Lake City - 45 minutes at the Salt Lake City Tesla Store.  Some guy was in there buying a Ludicrous Mode Model X to go with his Mercedes SL65 AMG Biturbo.  He also had some very expensive dental work.  I am guessing he didn't cash in his life insurance in order to buy his.
Regular Features
Song of the Day: For Emily Wherever I May Find Her - Simon And Garfunkel - We found her in Salt Lake City and were glad we did.

Coolest Car of the day: After some lean days today was just too good.  I can't decide so you get a couple of late entries that beat a really nice old Chevy pickup that I was sure would win.

I am a sucker for mid 50's Caddys
I have no idea what this is.  If it is a VW kit I will be disappointed but otherwise it looks like fun
Church of the day: OK technically because Angel Moroni is atop it is not really a church but I am going with it.

The Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City.  The Visitor Center points out that they had to overcome a difficulty with a poor foundation.  Seems like the religion and the building have something in common.  They both seem to be still doing well now though.

The Angel Moroni.  That name is astounding.  

Coolest Thing of the Day – Larry - Playing with Megan

Coolest Thing of the Day –Michelle-  Having dinner with Emily and Megan

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