Friday, July 15, 2016

Day 13 - Hiding from the heat

This was a day to rest our butts and take in some of the many things Austin has to offer.  We opted to stay out of the hear and get history lessons.  First we took in the LB J library to see how history that we lived through has been treated  The library is well done and like most presidential libraries hits the best stuff that happened during their time in office and glosses over the rest.  The Nixon library has but one little statement about Watergate off to the side if I remember right.  The Johnson library takes on the Vietnam war in detail but makes the valid case that there was important legislation that is the more enduring legacy of his time in office.  He was a master at getting bills through Congress and pushed through the Civil Rights which was first started in the Truman administration and actually signed it in the Truman Library to highlight that it was not really his bill.  
The B&B we are staying in has some eclectic stuff.  This is our bathroom and it appears that someone is upset Larry left the toilet seat up.

The Clock Tower at the University of Texas the site of the earliest mass shooting Larry can remember.  It is too far inthe past for Michelle though

We than took a step back in time and went to the Museum of Texas History and if any state in the Union has a more colorful history I have not seen it.  Their rebellion was part of a Mexican civil war that resulted once Mexico got their independence from Spain.  The more one learns about other countries histories that more you appreciate how exceptional US history is.  There was a quote from LBJ
Do you think they care about Longhorn football?

Regular Features
Statistics Corner
States involved: Today we stayed in Austin 

Charging - none needed but we used the car and hopefully will be able to make it to the next charger

Song of the Day = Not a song bur the live band Choctaw Wildfire we saw was quite good.  We are getting better at finding music in Austin just as we are leaving.

Coolest Car of the Day:LBJ's limo

Church of the Day: Picked not for its beauty as a church but for its uncanny resemblance to a bank

Best thing of the Day - Larry -  The whole day was great so it is hard to pick but the  LBJ museum wins

Best thing of the Day -Michelle -  While waiting to get into the restaurant we were talking with a women who was there with her boother and niece visiting from Houston.  The first table to open fit 6 so we agreed to sit with them and had a nice time talking.  We also chatted with the caretaker at the B&B which Michelle enjoyed but the LBJ museum won out

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