Thursday, July 28, 2016

Day 27 - Eric! California!

We haven't seen the Pacific but we didn't see the Atlantic either.  Once you are in California you have officially made it across the country and we did accomplish that today.  We did not stop often having the confidence to skip a charging station we expected to stop at but found we could bypass.  The goal was to get to see Eric as soon as possible.

 Once in Davis we mounted bicycles, picked vegetables from Eric's garden, stopped at the grocery store and then had the first home cooked meal we have had in weeks.   It was very good.  We then went off to find ice cream with Eric driving the Tesla.  WE spent some time doing a bad art tour with  Eric as our tour guide.  He has expanded the tour since Larry was there in March so while Larry did get to see some familiar installations and some new ones besides.  It was all new to Michelle.

Michelle and Eric get their tandem technique down.
Eric inspects one of the bad art peices

It is good to see Eric and Cathy again and we are loking forward to touring around with them for the next three days.
Statistics Corner
States involved: We bumped the count up to 20 with the addition of the truly West Coast state, California.

Lovelock NV - 45 minutes - This is a dying little small town with half the stores closed.  The Superchargers are in the only thriving business in town, a Chevron gas station.  The huge advantage of this is that we snuck over and used the window washing equipment to finally clean the car windows. 
A unique, circular courthouse in Lovelock, NV
 Made more unique by the 10 commandments near the front door.  I guess nobody noticed
Trukee, CA - 45 minutes - For the first time all trip we had to wait to get a charge mostly due to a group of three Teslas that were on their way to the Tesla Gigafactory opening event tomorrow.  They had all kinds of Tesla gear on.  We had tried to get in but did not win the lottery the held for tickets.  I guess it is a good thing because we don't have any Tesla swag.
Roseville, CA - 15 ninutes - We didn't stay long as we were afraid of getting stuck in Sacramento rush hour.
Regular Features
Song of the Day: California - John Mayall -  There are way more songs about California than any other state.  I picked this as it has been a favorite song of mine for decades.
Coolest Car of the day: We are now in the state of cool cars.  We saw a nice '66 Mustang and a VW bug of the same vintage but a rainbow Model A is hard to beat.

Church of the day: We are also in mega church country.  Here is the first one we have seen.

Coolest Thing of the Day – Larry - Finally getting a home cooked meal

Coolest Thing of the Day –Michelle-  Seeing Eric

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