Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day 2 - On the Mall

A Day in Metro DC

We wandered down to the mall in DC with our friends Lori and Geoff to find it both set up for holiday entertainment and still setting up for an even bigger party tomorrow.  The booths on the mall were divided into a California culture side and a Basque culture side.  Since we are heading to Cali soon enough we spent most of our time on the Basque side where they demonstrated their versions of bowling, handball. dance and music along with art and culture exhibits.

Basque dancers.  Thy had bells on their backs that they rang as they wallked.  They were amazing but the picture does not really convey that

Geoff, Lori and Michelle waiting for Larry

We then went back to base at Bill's house and cleaned up to go see Larry's three year college roommate who he hasn't seen for an estimated 37 years.  It was great seeing Jim again and meeting his wife Sara.  His sense of humor has not diminished a bit over the years and he is even smarter than he was then, and he was really smart then.  We are certainly hoping to see more of them in the near future

Statistics Corner

States involved:
Only new place is DC which is not truly a state and they are not happy about paying taxes and having no voting representatives in Congress.    
Final mileage for the day 87.8  kWh used 27.3

None needed

Regular Features

Song of the Day:Child in Time by Deep Purple.  Since I am visiting my long lost roommate I wanted to pick a song that we liked at Amherst.  There are a few songs that were favorites during those years but none of them capture the music milieu of the time like a long song with lyrics that were inane while trying to convey deep meaning and whole sections with the lead singer just screaming.

Coolest car of the Day:  Bill Yeagley's '86 Lincoln.  Just because no other good cars were seen and this beast has only gotten uglier over time.  The windows don't open and it needed $700 worth of work to just get through inspection so he must love it.

Coolest Thing of the Day - Larry
While the botanical gardens were nice and the Basque band was great fun, seeing Jim again was the highlight of the day for me.

Coolest Thing of the Day - Michelle
The botanical gardens.

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  1. What a great time seeing Larry and Michelle. It was non-stop chatter and laughter the whole evening. Larry and Michelle seemed more like recent college grads on a road trip than a couple of retirees (or soon to be retirees) heading off to see America and scratching one off of the bucket list. We are very much looking forward to following this journey (living a bit vicariously through it) and hoping that whatever crazy algorithm Larry is using to coordinate SuperChargers, National Parks, RV Parks and friends allows for "do overs", as we hope that he and Michelle pass this way again on the way back home.