Monday, July 18, 2016

Day 17 - Reconnecting with an old friend

The plan today was to have a nice breakfast with Alan and Lori and then go on to Santa Fe to visit Pete Lapolla a friend who left Rhode Island a couple of decades ago.  The plan immediately went awry when the cafe was closed.  So the Tesla continued onto Santa Fe and the motorcycle went back towards Sandia Park.

Lori and Alan leading us to lunch

Once in Santa Fe we had a nice visit with Peter who true to form told plenty of stories and took us into art galleries, a museum, a really nice church, the town market place and out for a New Mexican lunch. Larry had visited a couple of years ago but Michelle had not seen him since he moved.  Of course we did get a little wet as the rain gods have a good bead on us again.  As New Mexico needs the rain they are glad to have us around I think.  With the rain we retreated to Pete's house for an Indian flute concert.  He hass slowed a bit in the last couple of years but plays the flute better than ever.

The town square or more accurately, as it is a Spanish town, the Plaza des Armes in Santa Fe

We then met Lori and Alan for the dinner that got rained out yesterday.  As it had not rained at their house while it was raining on us 50 miles away they thought they could get away with going to the outdoor place that we bagged yesterday.  They were partly through their beers when we rolled up followed by the clouds.  Luckily they had room on the porch which they moved us to before our food got soggy.

We then went back to their house for pie and to welcome the rain to Sandia Park.  We have had a great time here and it is with some sadness we leave to continue our adventure tomorrow.

Statistics Corner
States involved: Drove around New Mexico but were never in any danger of leaving the state

Lori and Alan's garage except when out travelling

Regular Features
Song of the Day: Land of the Navaho - David Grisman and Jerry Garcia  We saw enough Indain jewelry today to send Jack into complete insanity.

Coolest Car of the day: This Porsche 914 is a beauty,  I did se an Alfa like mine wihich should have been a shoo-in but the back bumper was missing.


Church of the Day: The cathedral of St. Francis in Santa Fe.  Attrative outside and great stained glass within.

Coolest Thing of the Day - Larry -  Listening to Pete's stories and music again

Coolest Thing of the Day -Michelle - The jewelry display in the museum


  1. We're sorry to see you go. New Mexico not only loved the rain while you were here, but also the laughter and enthusiasm. Thank you for visiting!

  2. We had a great time too. Looking forward to returning the hospitality next month.