Sunday, July 31, 2016

Day 31 - Chores

Well we went a month without doing many of the things we are supposed to do.  Michelle had school work to catch up on.  Cathy also had things to do.  Eric and Larry sought to accomplish a goal that has eluded them in March, getting Eric's Saab going.  In March Larry And Eric replaced the transmission on the car but there were fuel supply problems that kept it from running consistently.  Since then Eric has, in his spare time rebuilt the carburetor, only to find the new fuel pump that came with the car was not working.  He decided to convert to an electric pump so they spent the morning wiring and re-plumbing for the new pump.  It worked beautifully and the car runs really well now.  It still needs some carburetor adjustments but even without those final tweaks is is running smoothly.

The next item on the agenda was giving the cars baths.  Hobson went first and emerged cleaner but not really as clean as home due to lack of towels to dry it.  This was followed by Cathy's car which was filthy from her fieldwork site which has many dirt roads so the car was plenty dusty and muddy.  Finally the Saab got a bath.  It has been sitting idle collecting dust for a while so needed it although given the condition of the paint it did not make as great an improvement as the other two cars.

Meanwhile Michelle and Cathy took a ride to collect vegetables at his community garden plot and the store for other supplies.  Michelle then set about making dinner while Cathy went back to work.  Larry.;  Eric ste about cleaning the garage. otherwise known as the transportation museum.  It contains two working bicycles (one fixed gear and the other an old 12 speed) along with a tandem bicycle.  There is also an unassembled bike in the garage and two outside.  He also has a working 3 speed racer and another tandem outside.  Back to inside the garage there are 2 partly assembled Yamaha YCS-1 motorcycles that are his and a Honda 100 that is a friends along with this ridiculous moped a friend of his bought and Eric got running.  It only has a clutch and a coaster brake and the riding position is pretty flat.  Both Eric and Larry took rides.  Below should be a video of Larry on it.

Statistics Corner
States involved: We not only didn't leave California we never left Davis.
Other than driving into and then out of the driveway to be washed Hobson enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine.

Regular Features
Song of the Day: Lazy Day by the Moody Blues
Coolest Car of the day: It has to be Eric's '72 Saab.
Church of the day: This is right up the street from Eric and looks so Californian.

Coolest Thing of the Day – Larry - Riding that insane moped.

Coolest Thing of the Day –Michelle-  Cooking with Cathy and Eric.

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