Sunday, July 31, 2016

Day 30 - Finally the Pacific

Obviously we have not set any coast to coast speed records but along the way we have been to a number of National places: Parks, Forests, Wilderness Areas, Heritage Sites, Monuments and as of today a Seashore.  Our trip to Point Reyes National Seashore actually started out as a trip to Muir Woods National Monument but that was so crowded that there was no parking so we changed direction, got caught in the NHRA National traffic and 4 hours from setting out finally got to Point Reyes.
Yet another scenery picture.

Apparently not all Boston Fans are in Massachusetts 

At Point Reyes Michelle and Larry symbolically dipped their feet in the Pacific which was not that chilly but the air temperature being below 70 neither of us was tempted to go swimming.   While we were taking pictures and looking for sand dollars to give to a small Australian girl that was crawling inch by inch up the beach trying to find them, Eric and Cathy wandered around alternating between looking for birds and plants of interest.  We found many sand dollars and they found plenty of specimens from a species that Eric had written a paper on that was published earlier this year. In fact there were more here than the area he used to run the experiment.  The paper, if you are interested, is found here

Birds in the air
Birds on the ground

Lizards on the ground.  We looked but did not find lizards in the air.

Although it was dinner time we decided to go to the ice cream parlor that Eric described as, "The best in the world!"  The Fairfax Scoop is a very small place with a line that is always out the door and down the street.  We apparently hit a good time with everyone who had some sense of how to eat properly eating a proper dinner as it only took us about 20 minutes to get our ice cream.  The signature flavor of the place is Vanilla Honey Lavender which everyone but Larry thought tasted great.  This place is highly recommended.

Hobson was hungry too by now so we took of to Petaluma to feed the people and the car.  The charging station is right across the street from a dirt track that they were racing on.  These were certainly not electric cars they were racing as they made a tremendous amount of noise.  As we debated whether to skip dinner and go in the race ended.  As the next race would be about a half hour later we decided to go to eat.  The historic old town was mobbed and it took a while to find a place without a line.   Obviously not the best dinner to be had in town but it worked.

Statistics Corner
States involved: Another day in California.  It is hard out west to change states quickly.  We are used to going through two states just to run errands so driving for hours all in one state is a little foreign.
Vacoville - 45 minutes - Hobson needed more of a charge to get where we were going so the first thing we did was hook him up,  This charge was a bit slower than we are used to and the outlet mall where the chargers were located had yet to open so having to charge the Tesla was a bit of a drag.
Petaluma - 90 minutes although more than half of that time Hobson was fully charged but it was a 20 minute walk to downtown so the round trip time with eating dinner was longer than the car needed.  This one had 10 chargers which was a record for us having never seen more than 8 in one place before.   

Regular Features
Song of the Day: Here in California  - Kate Wolf - California is really an amazing state which she captures the essence of in her song.
Coolest Car of the day: We saw an amazing array of cars today including a Porsche 912, lots of old Fords, a sixties Caddy, an MGB from the chrome bumper era, a Ferrari with a great exhaust note but the best one is this Chevette and only because of the bumper sticker.

Church of the day: This was a beautiful church in Fairfax.
Coolest Thing of the Day – Larry - The giant redwood tree we took a short hike to see and got our picture taken at.
Coolest Thing of the Day –Michelle-  The walk on the beach

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