Sunday, July 3, 2016

Day 1 - The Northeast Corridor

We are off!

The day started early.  We said goodbye to a half-asleep Julia and backed out of the garage at 4:59am.  The first stop was at the Crape's in Fairfield where we had a very good, healthy breakfast but could not stay long enough to go water skiing.  Karen's studio is strating to take shape in the backyard.  It looks like it will be beautiful, lots of windows and a soaring ceiling.  

Our first Supercharger stop went fine except for the ineffective sign (out of the 4 spots there were 2 non-Teslas) that marked the parking spots had a cement base that was so close to the road that we couldn't open the hatch and get out the chairs to sit in while the car charged.

In Delaware the Teslas were arranged patriotically for the 4rh of July weekend although they did not get the colors in order

Our break from the routine of high speed driving interspersed with Eastern corridor holiday stop and go traffic was a regrettably short visit to Annapolis, MD which has the shipshape Naval Academy, a suitably colonial capital area and a quaint district of historic houses.  It would have been nice to stay longer.  I think we will be saying that of a lot of places we visit over the next weeks.

Naval Academy Chapel

My cousin Janice Buxbaum graduated in thay first class with women.  I have always admired her for blazing that trail.  The training at the USNA is difficult to begin with but doing it as a women in one of the most entrenched male bastions seems beyond normally heroic.  They may be celebrating now but not many were celebrating then.

Bedded down finally much too late but our host Bill Yeagley was just so entertaining it seemed silly to go to bed.  Looking forward to to the next two days in Washington, the site of our honeymoon many years ago.

Statistics Corner

States involved:
MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, DE, MD, VA  16% of the states in the whole country in one day!  Of course we hit the 2 smallest and made just a glancing blow at NY but we cross 7 borders.
Final mileage for the day 506.5  kWh used 151.8
Interesting Note: Until you drive an electric car you really don't understand just how much energy a car uses!  This car is twice as efficient as even my VW diesel which gets 50mpg but the power we used today to drive to Washington would run our house for over a week.

Geeenwich CT  40 minutes
Newark DE  40 minutes - lunch
Bethesda MD  1 hour - dinner

Regular Features

Song of the Day:Garden State Stomp by Dave Van Ronk - I can never drive through Jersey without thinking of this.  A song with all the names of the places you are driving through is perfect for a road trip.

Coolest car of the Day:  Being a beautiful day on a holiday weekend we saw lots of cool cars including a Ferrari California, a couple of Tesla Model Xs, and even a '55 T-Bird  but this Studebaker wins easily.  Note that the truck in front is also a Studebaker. 

Coolest Thing of the Day - Larry
The already wonderful doorways in the Historic area of Annapolis decorated for the 4th.  See one example below.

Coolest Thing of the Day - Michelle
The entire time in Annapolis was great.


  1. Wishing you a safe, healthy and enjoyable trip!!!! There is so much beauty and interesting things and people to see/meet in this country and Canada.

  2. Wishing you a safe, healthy and enjoyable trip!!!! There is so much beauty and interesting things and people to see/meet in this country and Canada.