Thursday, April 13, 2017

Day 17 - The Acadian Expulsion reverses

This was another long day pretending to drive the car while the car actually did the driving for the most part.  I am getting very lazy.   Knowing it was going to be a long one I left Geoff’s extra early even beating my starting goal of 7:00am by fifteen minutes.   I decided to actually listen to the car this time and charge for the time the car says to rather than overcharging mostly because the charge stations are pretty far apart along this stretch so it was not possible to spend more time at one station and skip the next.  This actually allowed me to reach my destination in the time the car predicted I would reach it.  For the first time on the trip I actually arrived in a reasonable time for dinner.

The most striking part of this ride was the number of Canadian RV's and big trailers heading home.  At one point they must have made up 90% of the non-car traffic.  Considering our current politic state I thought of putting an adopt me so I can be Canadian sign in my back window.

Kathy and Dennis were ready with salad on the table and steaks ready to grill plus plenty of stories.  We had an enjoyable dinner and then talked until we could talk no more.  They moved into a house in Conway rather than the condo they had in Myrtle Beach and they like it although it is an over 55 community and apparently over-medicated old folks have numerous mishaps on the roadways in the development including somewhat regular launches into the retention pond on the property.  After the story about the neighbor who took down a number of mailboxes I almost went out and moved the car closer to their house.

After a long day of driving it was great to hit yet another nice bed.  I am very much looking forward to being home as I now have moved a couple of states closer to home.  Only 6 more before the Massachusetts border.

Beautiful sunset!


Ocala FL – Been there, done tha,t although this time I couldn’t go to the bathroom because the stores were not open by the time I left

Kingsland GA – The first charger I hooked up to only charged the car at 80mph which gave me an estimated charge time of 7 hours.  AAARGH!  However the second one gave a solid performance and I was able to leave without finishing any of the blog stuff I expected to get done.  I did get a good look at what the state police used for their unmarked cars as this was behind a government building.

Savannah GA – Between this trip and the last one I probably have visited over 100 superchargers but this one is the weirdest in some ways.  It is located in the economy parking lot for the airport.  The airport itself is exceptionally nice which is odd for an airport in the first place and then as I am on a car trip so it feels weird to be walking around an airport.  I had to get my parking ticket validated so I could have free parking during what was a much longer charge than it should have been.  We northerners are always upset with the pace down south.  I did not expect that to include the superchargers.

A fountain at the airport.  Behind me is a bamboo garden.  An exceptionally beautiful airport.

Santee, SC – This charger is trying to prove me wrong by blasting electrons at a prodigious rate into the car.  I should complain more often.

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