Thursday, April 13, 2017

Day 15 - Turning around

I am always reluctant to leave my friends behind but other friends beckon plus that expression about fish and company stink after three days always is stuck in my head when I stay with people.  This keeps me moving probably to the great relief of my hosts.  Therefore I left Miami and started back north towards home but not without planning to stop at least a couple more times.  

The next overnight stop was one of my great biking buddies Geoff Yeagley but first I figured since I was in the area, meaning somewhere in Florida, I determined that I could drop in on my nephew Spencer on the way up to Geoff’s.  Spencer is moving to Virginia Beach tomorrow so I helped him load the truck with the stuff that was ready to go and then we went out for a leisurely lunch.  Spencer certainly has my sister’s daring as he picked Virginia Beach for no really good reason other than location.  He has no friends and no job there although in the interest of staying he has a number of employment applications already filed.  He is always an interesting conversationalist and we talked until Geoff called wondering where the heck I was since I had already past the time I told him I would be there.
Off Hobson and I went to cross the Florida Peninsula.   This day is one of the shorter driving days of the trip but in the end I showed up at Geoff’s verey late and with inadequate charge to hit the next supercharger.  Oops.  I will deal with it tomorrow as I am too busy catching up with Geoff to worry about it.  There are always options besides the Tesla chargers, or so we hope.

Plantation – This charger is at an enormous strip mall without a great deal of character

Port St. Lucie – I am getting used to these large strip malls.  This time I bought some $1 super glue at the dollar store to fix my $3 reading glasses.

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