Monday, April 3, 2017

Day 8 - Only perfect practice makes perfect

Today was a day that proved what I have always told the wrestlers I coached and the students I teach.  Practice make perfect but only if you practice perfectly.  Since I have no idea what a perfect golf swing is my practice does not lead to a perfect game of golf.  In fact today it did not even lead to a good round of golf, maybe not even a fair round.  However in the great scheme of things despite the fact I had a much higher total score than yesterday, I lost the same number of golf balls, so depending on the scoring system you use I could be even with the day before.  Actually the fact that I only lost one ball each round means that I wasted money at Dick's Sporting Goods buying balls I did not need to play the three rounds I have played.

After the disastrous round all but Gary had we decided to go for a beer before the New Yorkers set out for  their plane, Gary went home and I set out for my next stop on the Couch Surfing tour.  Gary in the lead car drove right through a downtown section where there were no doubt some places to imbibe but instead and drove out into the country turning at last into a rundown converted Pizza Hut labeled Bruce's Tavern although I think they forgot the apostrophe at the sign place.  It did not look like the kind of place we normally get beer but we went in anyway after doing a quick survey revealed that only a third of the vehicles in the parking lot were pickups.  Once opening the door we were in a smoky bar were about ten men and one women were drinking at 1:30 in the afternoon,   It turns out not all rednecks drive pickups.  They had their money on the bar in front of them and all were smoking cigarettes.  While I have frequented local dives in the past notably the long gone Hammond in Boston, it is in the long past.

The folks were friendly enough.  The women who was seated at the corner of bar immediately asked us, "How y'all golfer doin' today?"  We said fine and made a little small talk then Roger went up to order beers.  I wanted iced tea as I had a couple of hours to drive yet.  They did not have iced tea for me, and they did not take credit cards so it turned out that I had the most cash, so had to pay for their beers, not that it set me back much.  One big advantage of a dive is the price of drinks is low.

Once have finished the beers and with the NASCAR race under yellow we left to say our goodbyes to each other in the parking lot.  Roger and Vin left for the airport, Gary back to his house and I set out for Tom Cone's house in Greensboro.  This is the first time Hobson was getting plugged into some other Tesla's charger and Tom's red Tesla was magnanimously sitting outside with the garage door to let Hobson in.  Teslas are very wide cars and I have always been a little nervous about pulling into my garage as I thought it was tight.  Tom's is much tighter and I admire him for going in with his mirrors out and never getting any house paint on them.  I folded mine in.  I plugged in and had a very nice time talking to Tom and Rene.

Of course this is the cushiest couch surfing trip in the history of them as I once again have my own room, with my own bath and for the third straight time one of those racks that you put you suitcase on in motels.  I am so spoiled by all this but now I am learning how to equip our guest room.  I also got to meet Tom and Rene's grandson for just a short period.  Tom lives on Country Club Lane so we were able to just walk over to his club for a great dinner.  He unfortunately still works so we turned in early although I could have talked all night with them.

Hobson got plugged into Tom's garage plug which unlike mine delivers a consistent 40 amps.  It was great being able to show up without having to stop and charge first and it will be great to leave with a full charge right from the house.

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