Monday, April 10, 2017

Day 12A - A swim and then back to dentistry

My host had the misfortune of having to work today so I was left to hang out for a while before going to his office to help out with questions about his dental software and some about how to make sure they can assure accuracy in posting procedures.  Hanging out for a while I spent some time catching up on this blog and the rest taking a dip in what Peter thought was frigid water but I found the perfect temperature.

I wish I could have stayed longer in the pool but I had to get to his office by lunch time to chat with his staff.  As he was buying me lunch I did not want to be late.  I left with about 45 minutes leeway and used just about all of that time trying to find a parking spot, a truly daunting task given the construction going on and the volume of cars trying to find spots.  I missed out on a couple when the car ahead of me took it including one right in front of his building.

Peter has a great staff that was fun and responsive to talk to.  We did come up with some ways to get better clinical notes written more quickly.  We also found ways to double check to make sure posting mistakes are not carried forward but corrected that day.  That was fun and satisfying.  Now I have an excuse to come back again to recheck whether they are actually following through on my recommendations. .
Peter also had his yearbook out.  This time it was a picture of my dental school mustache.  You can understand why it took six years after this to find someone who would marry me.

I stayed to help setup the computer software to accomplish our lunchtime goals and we came back to the house at the same time in separate cars.  Peter has a group of friends he generally travels all over the world with.  Two of them work for a travel agency and one for a cruise line which explains the extent of their travels.  A couple of them show up on Facebook in pictures with Peter all the time.  Although they are a married couple they look a lot alike in pictures and I have dubbed them the Cruise Brothers on that account.  It turns out that in real life they do not look that much alike but I think my moniker is a good one anyway.

We sat outside after dinner and the Floridians were freezing in the sixty degree air.  I found it delightful.and was not shivering like they were.  However they stuck it out and they told funny stories between complaints about how cold it was and how ad they would be when the cool air disappeared for good in short order.  I do not understand that dichotomy but the feeling was unanimous.

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