Thursday, April 13, 2017

Day 14 - EPLO Automotive goes back in business

I knew from an earlier visit that Peter has a great woodworking shop and so I decided to take advantage of his being a nice guy and the fact that he is better at woodworking than I am.  I had redone the floor in a house we inherited from my father-in-law and some of the molding fell apart when I removed it.  It turned out to be not available anywhere but I thought if I brought a board with me I could get him to rip.plane and cut the top edge into the proper shape.  I was almost right.  We could not find the right shape at his house so we went to his father’s house and did the work there.  We also got to visit with his father whom I had not seen for 36 years and his father’s wife whom I had never met at all.  She was very nice and said I looked just like my pictures.  They served us cookies after we were finished.

Having accomplished that Peter, his housemate and I went off to lunch and a tour of Miami including Wynwood, a section where seemingly all the buildings are painted with giant murals, and the requisite tourist cruise along South Beach.  Traffic was bad everywhere being a nice Saturday afternoon.  I enjoyed seeing the sites but the other two were flustered by the number of tourists cluttering up their city.

Back at Peter’s house I talked him into finding and fixing the rattle coming from the left side of his car.  He suspected it was his running board and he was right.  For those of you not in the know Peter and I put in t car stereos on the side during dental school under the name EPLO Automotive.  We even had business cards, one of which his father still has.  In any case it was great fun playing mechanic again with my old partner.  We fixed the bolts that had just come out of the track and as that was so easy we decided to correct a broken piece on the other running board. That was quickly accomplished but by now we were getting close to dinner time. 

We cleaned ourselves up and put on better clothes for a sojourn out to a Thai-Sushi restaurant.  Apparently in Miami, unlike up north, there are not separate Thai  and Sushi ones but rather they are always combined.  This lead to a confusing menu that had Thai appetizers followed by Japanese ones followed by Thai soups then Japanese ones and so on for a large number of pages.  We ordered from both cuisines having sushi as an appetizer and a Thai main course. 

Going out to Peter’s newly quiet ride we found it even more quiet as the battery was dead and the car would not start.  Luckily Peter had a boat that he gotten rid of recently but he never got rid of the jump starter that he carried for it.  It was in the storage area below his pickup bed where he had some trouble retrieving it as he uses the electric release and the key slot was a bit rusty having never been used for the past 8 years.  ONce retrieved and hooked up the jumper worked well and we got home.  We know what the next repair will be.


Hobson sat while Peter did his best tour guide impression

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