Thursday, April 13, 2017

Day 16 - Problem solved, new ones appear

I was expecting to take a bike ride with Geoff for old time’s sake but given the fact that Geoff is not feeling well we decided to hang out at his house until it was warm enough outside for his Florida blood to hang out by the pool.  So that is what we did. 

Before that I had to solve the car charging problem, which turned out to be quite easy to do.  PlugShare came to the rescue.  The app told me that not even 2 miles from his house, just outside the gates of the community, at the local town hall complex was a free ChargePoint charger.  I drove Hobson over and with a little difficulty got him connected then walked back to Geoff’s house.  While the charge started at 30 amps, during much of the day it was only running at 16 amps.  I suspect that is because someone was hooked to the other port on the machine.  It took virtually all day to charge on account of that so we actually picked the car up after dinner still charging but virtually full of excited electrons.

I got some swimming in at the pool but as my sunblock was in the car and it was cloudy I neglected to put it on.  This resulted in the expected skin color which I only discovered later in the day when I went to change my shirt for dinner.  Another oops.  However it was a nice relaxing day and the sunburn is not severe enough to affect the trip.

This trip while somewhat planned but was not as carefully planned as the previous one and it all caught up to me at Geoff’s.  First I showed up late and with inadequate charge to continue to the next Supercharger.  Second the next leg of the trip was expected to be a very long one up to Kitty Hawk.   The first problem was easily remedied but the second one loomed large in my mind.  Geoff however had anticipated this and had a solution in hand.  He had mentioned my trip in passing while talking to his ex-wife and her husband in the Myrtle Beach area and they agreed to take me. 

However adding this stop would mean another day and I felt that it was time I could not afford as I needed to get home to tie up loose ends and see my wife before I forget, in my dotage, what she looks like.  So I reluctantly decided to leave Geoff’s tomorrow rather than stay another night and use Kathy and Dennis’ as an extra stopover.  Both of them were patients of mine and they are good people who are always interesting.  Dennis, especially, as a car guy, always has good stories.

Northport FL town hall – This was an all-day charge at the Chargepoint unit in the parking lot.  You have to love municipalities that provide these.  The car is now virtually full at 237 miles.

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