Saturday, April 1, 2017

Day 7 - We see if the golf practice helped

Golf looks like a dying sport in America today.  There are nothing but old men down here playing golf in the Pinehurst area.  Once this group of players dies off I can see lots of courses folding.  The one we played today, Legends, was not very crowded at all and this should be a popular time for people to play before it gets really hot down here.  I am not a big fan of golf anyway as it takes a long time to play and if you do not play a lot you cannot play well and if you play a lot you cannot get anything done because you do not have the time to do it.  However as I am on vacation spending the time is fine and I have enjoyed the round I played with Jim and the round today with Gary, Roger and Vinny.  Hopefully it will find a group to appeal to in the future and survive in some form as it has been a fun way to spend time with friends and family over the years.  Some people become quite addicted to it though I cannot get that excited about it.

The practice did seem to work as I did break 100 by a couple of strokes and certainly could have improved that a bit with some better decisions along the way.  Just like life one bad decision can set one trying to scramble to recover.  At least in golf the scramble ends eventually as the hole does not continue forever.  Some folks have to work to overcome bad decisions for years.  My trying to sneak through the trees only added a couple of strokes to one hole.   Trying to sneak money out of a bank can screw up your life forever.

Only golfers enjoy talking about their rounds so I will not bore you with a shot by shot accounting of the round.  The hearts game also had less drama than last night as Gary won the game going away so I will sign off now.

We drove around in a big SUV rented by the guys from NY as Hobson has barely enough juice to sneak to my next stop and those electrons cannot be wasted.

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