Saturday, April 8, 2017

Day 11- Finally get to use the largest piece of luggage

I have been carting around my bicycle all trip and finally got to use it today.  Bob and I took a nice twelve mile ride down to a lighthouse on the gulf.  There were plenty of interesting birds that we could not name but did enjoy watching and a few we could name and still enjoyed watching.  The wind was in our faces on the way out and slowed us down considerably in that direction.  We agreed that the wind must have died on the way back as we could riding as fast as we did back was our usual pace :).

The lighthouse

View along the Bike path with a bird I can identify

From there we went to a great waterside seafood restaurant and bar to make sure we replaced the calories we burned so our waistlines would continue to make us look prosperous.  The food was delicious and sitting by the water watching the plants move in the wind and the birds looking for handouts was the perfect setting for eating it. 

Then it was off to Tallahassee center where most of the buildings are state government ones  Bob had been a lawyer for the state and was a great tour guide.  The old state capital building is now a museum having been replaced by a boring white skyscraper some years ago.  Preservationists had to fight to keep them from tearing it down.  I don not know about now but the legislators who were around then had no aesthetic sense at all.  There we saw a display about the election in 2000 and I learned that there was more than the hanging chad problem.   The ballot was set up in a confusing manner besides and it turns out many people punched the ticket for Pat Buchanan instead of Al Gore by mistake, a fact that I did not know.   We then went to the top of the skyscraper which afforded views in all directions for a great distance, Florida being so flat.  Bob was able to point out his college dorms from up there.

By the time we got back to the house Cheryl had returned from her haircut appointment and was trying to get a dinner group together.  Using her best texting she did manage to convince her brother-in-law Richard to accompany us.  Bob has been reading this blog mostly I think to see if he should bar the door rather than let me in but he did take to heart my early observation that with the great hospitality I have received so far all that any host would have to have their A-game.  Bob and Cheryl certainly did, picking an excellent restaurant near the Tesla chargers in Tallahassee, so that I could drop the car there and have a head start in the morning for Miami.

Richard was great company and told good travel stories to compliment all the information that the well-travelled Bob and Cheryl had been giving me.  It was a fun, we then got to go back and pick up a fully charged Hobson ready to go further south than he had ever ventured before.
All in all this was another great day.  We had wide ranging interesting discussions that went from the cave cities dug by the Turkish Christians to the aborted attempt to make a trans-Florida canal.  We had a nice, scenic bike ride and great food besides.  What more could a traveler want?  Every place and every day I stop are top notch even if three of the stops have been with lawyers, the sworn enemies of the medical field.

Charging stops

Tallahassee FL This is one of the best stations with a big Publix in the parking lot and lots of restaurants close by.  There were also no other Teslas there.   We did not pick up the car within the time limit set by Tesla to unhook and move your car after the charge was complete.  This is being done in response to congestion at the chargers which this charger did not have so I am curious as to whether I will be charged for my overtime stay even though there was no problem leaving it there.

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