Saturday, August 6, 2016

Day 36 - We practice for a Trump presidency

Today we are proud of our ability to overcome charging challenges.  By taking ferries judiciously, nursing our energy and finding a great lunchtime charge we managed to see more of Olympic National Park than we thought we might be able to.  It was really worth it as we got the high areas and the beach below.  It takes a long time to get to and get out of with the two ferry rides so we didn’t get to hike around as much as we would have liked but what we did see was stunningly beautiful.
The mountains

This deer was less surprised than we were when we rounded the corner.  He waited for me to get my camera in position as did the butterfly.  Very cooperative subjects here although the bird picture took a while as he preferred being on the other side of the tree.

Even the park roads were lined with wildflowrs.
We also need to compliment the ferry system in Washington.  The northwestern corner of the US is really a partly submerged coastal range of mountains leaving lots of islands and weird shaped spits, peninsulas and isthmuses.  They consequently have huge ferries that run regular schedules at reasonable prices.  They are clean and smooth running.  They load and unload quickly and efficiently and the staff is very nice.  Not only that they saved us enough electricity to take Hobson up high into the mountains.  We gained a mile in elevation in about 16 miles using all of our cushion and prompting Hobson to issue warnings about us not making it to the next charger.  Having been through this before we knew we would generate enough electricity to settle him down and he didn’t know about the lunch charge.
Our Nav screen when on the ferry

We crossed into Canada in the dark like drug smugglers which I can imagine is a problem with legal marijuana in both Oregon and Washington.  We however have been using hiking as an appetite stimulant and had nothing of the sort with us.  The border patrol agent didn’t find us more suspicious than we actually are and let us pass easily into the country although to get to see her took almost an hour as it seems everyone else was also pretending to be drug smugglers too tonight  As usual the Canadian border person was friendly and welcoming.  I wonder how they will act if Trump is elected and we say we are staying for four years.  Let’s hope we do not have to find out.

Regular Features
Statistics Corner
States involved: We didn’t add a state this time so instead we added a whole country, Canada!  Now we can start counting provinces too. We are at one now with British Columbia under our belt.

Port Angeles, WA – 2 hours at a charger that actually was running at 244 volts so charged at 30mph rather than the 24-28 we are used to at the non-Superchargers.  Yesterday in Seattle we only got 22 mph.   This was a wonderful free charge that allowed us to explore more of the Olympic Peninsula than we could have otherwise.
Burlington, WA – 1 hour while eating dinner at a quick supercharger.  We filled up completely as we do not have a charge spot in Vancouver and we have to turn off our phone in Canada so it will be more difficult to find chargers.

Church of the Day – This is an attractive church 

Coolest car of the Day – We saw five Morris Minors.  Five at this spot and one on the road later that I did not get a picture of.  It being Friday night we saw lots of cruise night cars but as a former Morris owner they have to win.  The best is the split window Tourer (convertible in the states).

Song of the Day- O Canada although we did not find a good version on slacker to cruise into Canada with.

Coolest Thing of the Day – Larry – The snow capped mountains running just about down to the water on the peninsula

Coolest Thing of the Day - Michelle – Dungeness Spit.

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