Friday, August 19, 2016

Day 50 - The Pentultimate Day

We had  a nice breakfast at the Galopin’s and then sat on the deck enjoying the beautiful morning, pleasant conversation and great setting.   It was so relaxing the next thing we knew it was past noon.  We also could not decide to drive through Canada braving customs lines at both borders or go south around the lakes knowing it was almost 100 miles further.  In the end the plants that Michelle picked out of Eileen’s garden to bring home sealed the deal for the southern route.  As there were no superchargers on I-80 we were stuck driving up I-90 to Buffalo along the shores of Lake Erie rather than the slightly more direct and less urban route through the hills of Pennsylvania.

Even in Oberlin's home state the recognize which college should be on top

There are no pictures in the main section today and only the church one below.  We just drove once we left that comfortable deck trying to get close enough to home to maybe get to see the Revolution game tomorrow or maybe just empty the car before dark.  Tomorrow might be just as boring.  It seems we are now ready to be back home again.

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States involved: We added the last two states we will go to on this trip.  Those lucky states are Ohio and Pennsylvania

Maumee, OH 40 minutes including a lunch    

Macedonia, OH  30 minutes -  While some believe that Tesla is no longer supporting The Roadster model as we pulled in a tow truck was pulling out with a roadster on back and a Tesla employee was recharging his company Model X after driving up from Cincinnati to deliver a part for the car.  We also had to give some advice to a guy who was going to receive his Model X in 2 weeks and needed some advice about where to get the plug to charge at home.

Erie, PA - .45 minutes – We met a couple of pilots whose flight got cancelled so were in the parking lot of the motel where the superchargers are.  They asked so many questions we spent way too much time charging the car and missing dinner besides.  They were interesting at least.

Song of the Day: We Many Never Pass this Way Again – Seals and Croft – Slacker picked this and it seemed to fit a trip that was probably too exhausting to do very often.

Church of the Day- They are getting larger as we head into more populated states

Coolest Car of the day: The largest cruise night in the country is in Detroit tonight and don’t think  Larry was not tempted to stay at the Galopins one more night and go with Jack to Detroit to see it.  As it was we did get to see a grat ’61 Imperial with those silly radio microphone like tail lights.  We also saw a late 40’s Buick that had been involved in a fender bender, the driver’s front fender to be exact.  Where do you get a replacement for that.  It was sad.  On top of that we got a glimpse of the aforementioned Tesla Roadster pulling away.

Coolest Thing of the Day – Larry – Just chilling on the deck.

Coolest Thing of the Day – Michelle - Wandering around the property with Eileen

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  1. Today 7/30/17 we are retracing this part of our trip showing my choice of song of the day was wrong