Sunday, August 7, 2016

Day 38 - Banff

We toured Banff National Park today ignoring Jasper and Yolo both of which we passed through and had a fantastic time.  Lake Louise is justifiably the most photographed spot in all of Canada as we learned from a sign at the lake.  We almost gave up on it as we could not find a parking space and there was so much fog it would have been impossible to see the lake anyway but then we got lucky and the parking attendant moved some cones so we could park outside the lines and the fog burned off pretty much as we got the lake.  We are certainly glad we stayed as we spent the next four hours there.

Lake Louise in clearing fog

Lake Lousise without fog.  That is the real color of the water

It was crowded when we got there and got more crowded as the day went on.  We hiked up to two other lakes once we had a parking spot, took lots of pictures and soaked in the incredible scenery.  We then went out to yet another lake, Lake Moraine, and hiked a little and rented a canoe for a tour around the lake.  There really are not words to describe the incredible scenery which is aquamarine glacial lakes surrounded by mountains, some with glaciers and rimmed with pines.

Lake Moraine
The glaciers around Lake Moraine

Our visit was cut short by the arrival of our old nemesis, rain, which thankfully started just after we reached the car although that was mostly due to us seeing the sky darken and deciding that it was in fact time to go.  We headed back to town and had half of our dinner on the outside deck overlooking the Kicking Horse River before the wind and rain found us again.  We retreated inside with the benefit of getting to watch Olympic volleyball which is great fun to see.

We thought these were overfed chipmunks but turned out to be ground squirrels.  We don't know what this bird is but it is very attractive

This is the earliest we have been done for the day in a long time so celebrated by doing wash and catching up on email.  All in all a very successful day except for not finding and decent car, or church for the day.  This is an amazing area and we are taking donations for us to come back and find all those things in a future trip.

Regular Features
Statistics Corner
Provinces involved: We did add Alberta to the list of provinces that we have visited.

Golden Supercharger - We hooked up here at the end of yesterday's trip but as it was after midnight by the time we got in it is being counted as today.  

Golden Supercharger - We hooked up here at the end of today's trip too but thankfully well before midnight.

Hobson is getting used to the Golden charger

Church of the Day – Not only did we not see a nice church we did not see a church at all.  They seem to worship snow here as there is lots of skiing and snowmobiling in the area.

Coolest car of the Day – Nothing but SUVs and campers in the park.

Song of the Day  - Mon Bon Vieux Mari - Dewey Balfa - Michelle hiked up and down some terrain that she did not think she could handle but did so admirably

Coolest Thing of the Day – Larry – Having Michelle row me around 

Coolest Thing of the Day - Michelle – She can't decide among everything we did.

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  1. clark's nutcracker... you've seen them before the last time you drove across the county (dinosaur nat'l monument, tahoe)