Saturday, August 13, 2016

Day 40 - Glacier

Glacier National Park is another jewel in the century old National Park System.  It does not have impressive glaciers any longer thanks to climate change but it still has incredible scenery including mountains, lakes and abundant wildflowers in gorgeous alpine meadows and along streams.  The number of pictures we took was astounding.  Thanks to digital cameras we won't go broke having them processed.  The weather was a bit uneven during the day but that added to the scenery with cloud moving across mountains and sunlight highlighting only parts of the scenery sometimes with quite dramatic effect.  

We did have to hike in the rain which despite seeing rain many days we have been lucky enough to have the timing to avoid but this time we got wet.  There were three waterfalls along the trail each one more spectacular than the last.  Even better, once we reached the last one the sun came out and by the time we got back to the trailhead we were dry again.  We then went off for a second hike up to Hidden Lake.  The lake itself was nice but we spent most of the time up there watching bighorn sheep just lie around but there was a mountain goat right along the trail.  It walked right by Michelle.

As descriptions of the various places will fall even further short of the beauty of the place we will include more photos than usual and stop talking about it.  

Wildflowers along the bank an up close.  There were at least a dozen different species in white, black and various colors in between

Regular Features
Statistics Corner
States involved: We are still in Montana

Bigfork, MT –  Overnight while we slept we charged Hobson to the limit which is supposed to be 240 miles but he showed 243!  He is tipsy with electricity

Church of the Day – The churches around here are nice but lots of  people show their Christianity public with bumper stickers but then we came across this display of billboards.  There are so many they could not be adequately captured in one picture especially as they had messages on both sides. This picture is from the web as it is better than mine. I am counting this as a house of worship.  If you want to read about it try 


Coolest car of the Day – This is a tour bus in Glacier.  There are a bunch of them and they were built by the White truck company from 1936-38 but they have been converted to more modern running gear by Ford so bear two emblems on the nose.

Song of the Day  - Free Bird – Lynard Skynard – After over a month on the road we are starting to feel free.  This is dangerous as it all comes to a screeching halt in less than two weeks

Coolest Thing of the Day – Larry – This is another day he wishes he could paint.  Thanks to the clouds the sunlight popped through only in spots and only at times.  Coupled with the clouds it produced an ever changing patterns of light, shadow and mist. 

Coolest Thing of the Day - Michelle – The wildlife we saw.  A mountain goat walked right by her, we saw Bighorn Sheep, a black bear and nearly hit a deer.

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