Sunday, August 14, 2016

Day 41 - Geysers at sunset

We woke up this morning to some dreary weather.  It had been raining on and off all night and was still drizzling when we had to take the tent down.  The tent did well to keep us dry inside but the outside was wet.  So we shook the fly off as best we could and then removed it and then folded the tent in a hurry as the rain would go right through the mesh and the floor would be wet.  The tarp we put under the tent had puddles on it so that went back in wet too.  Luckily the weather in West Yellowstone was ideal for drying things being dry and very windy.  It was not at all ideal for setting up the tent once the drying time of 2 minutes was over but it went up and stayed put once we staked it.  Larry did this as a one person operation and should have staked the corners before attaching the frame.  As it was we had to catch the tent and wrestle it back to tarp before he realized that.  Partly this was due to our getting a true tent site this time as the town has a Supercharger so we did not need the 220 volt hookup to charge the car.

Some scenes from Yellowstone

Our goal was to reach Yellowstone and low and behold we made it to the campground so early that we had time to set up the tent and go to the park. We were advised by the nice people at the campground that evening was the best time to go into the park and see Old Faithful since most families leave at 4.  So in we went but we got distracted by sightings of elk and other geothermic wonders and actually did not make it to Old Faithful but we did get to see Fountain Geyser go off at sunset and what a show it was.  Sunsets in park settings are usually serene but this sunset was gorgeous but in front of it was this mass of water being shot 40-60 feet in the air.  Pretty cool that the timing worked out that way.

Regular Features
Statistics Corner
States involved:  We cut through a small piece of Idaho and Yellowstone is in Wyoming so we added two new states today

Billings MT – 45 minutes – We are now doing Best Western parking lots for the Superchargers
Butte, MT – 45 minutes - including lunch`
West Yellowstone, MT – We charged the car while we got dinner on our way into the park.

Church of the Day - The biggest one we saw today.  Not very exciting but it is one.

Coolest car of the Day – The best was a red ’65 Buick Skylark convertible with the top down we saw but did not photograph on our way into the park.  The best one we got a picture of is this ’57 Chevy

Song of the Day  - Blowin'; in the Wind - Bob Dylan.  The answer to our wet tent was blowin' in the wind.

Coolest Thing of the Day – Larry – That Geyser going off at sunset

Coolest Thing of the Day - Michelle –

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