Friday, August 19, 2016

Day 49 - Galopin Round 3

We outsmarted ourselves this time.  We had not made plans past Chicago prior to leaving as we had not confirmed where Eileen and Jack were living and had not decided on which way we go through Canada or south of the Great Lakes through the US.  Thinking we had this Tesla thing down we did not make our usual meticulous plans ahead of time even once we had left nor did we do so when we sitting in Chicago.  We did rescue the car from the parking lot at a time when we thought that we would not get into too much traffic and asked it for a route to Eileen and Jack’s.  It gave us bad news in return.  We would have to go miles out of our way for both charges we needed and in addition to the side trips we also could not take the shortest route either, making it a much longer drive than we anticipated. On top of that we changed time zones multiple times as Illinois is CDT, Indiana is EST or EDT and Michigan is purely EDT.  As we crossed into and then out of Michigan and apparently when we changed counties in Indiana we changed time zones as the clock in the car and the ones on our phone always were surprising.  In the final analysis we lost an hour which did not work in our favor at all given the other issues of the day.

Red light on Clinton St,  a dream for the Trump supporters

At any rate we found our way to the new house to see the parent Galopins having seen the kids and grandkids earlier in the trip.   Eileen and Jack’s new abode is a beautiful home done in Mission style which is a favorite style of ours.  Jack’s experience in construction and his attention to detail have produced an extremely well executed building.  They have picked beautiful finishing materials and designs to complement the structure itself.  It was also very good to get to sit and talk with them for an extended period as they are always good company and Jack is an excellent cook besides.  It was great to have a home cooked meal again as they are few and far between on this trip.  In fact the only other home cooked meal came in California. 

The entrance to Galopin mansion

The stairway railing


Regular Feature
Statistics Corner
States involved: We added both Indiana and Michigan to our ever growing list of states 

Country Club Hills IL 40 minutes including a stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for what sustenance it would give us   
Angola, IN  1 hour – I cannot think of one good association with the word Angola.  Between the prison and the country there is no good press for that name but the Supercharger worked so t=n the word won’t cause cringing.

Song of the Day: Kamara – Wilco – The cover of the album was the building we were passing as it came on the radio.

Church of the Day - Most churches we saw today followed this pattern and this is the one that we caught at least part of

Coolest Car of the day: This ’62 Ford Convertible looked immaculate though up on a flatbed.  This old Plymouth though was running and it should have won first place if the brakes lights had worked as I love the center brake light these cars had decades before they were legislated..

Coolest Thing of the Day – Larry – Seeing how cool Jack and Eileen’s new house is.

Coolest Thing of the Day – Michelle – Hanging out 

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