Thursday, August 4, 2016

Day 35 - This week's Galopin

Last week we saw our niece Emily in Salt Lake City and this week we see her brother Peter who volunteered to show us around the city.   We had a great time hanging with him all day and taking him places in the city he had actually never been too.  What places were they you might ask knowing, if you have been reading the blog at all, that a description of the days events will be included.

We got to downtown Seattle ahead of Peter so wandered down to the waterfront where there was the large Ferris wheel that all cities seem to be investing in lately.  This one is poorly placed as there is not only a large hill on the city side but several buildings that are taller than the wheel so half of the view is automatically not ideal.  The deck near the aquarium had cryptic signs, some in English and others in Spanish that we could not decrypt before Peter arrived but at least it keep us busy.  The Blue Angels are also in town as they are doing a show this weekend and were practicing.  They go too fast to get a good picture of though but that added to the day's fun.

Just to prove we were in Seattle

The three of us

Once we had our tour guide to lead us we headed to the city's sculpture park which was nice and then towards the iconic Space Needle.  We were told by Eric's roommate Rob who grew up in the area that under no circumstances should we go up the Space Needle.  Instead we went to the Chihuly Garden and Glass which was an amazing array of blown glass, plants and other objects.  Fantastically arranged it was a great experience and Peter had never been there.

Some of the glass and gardens

It was then past time for lunch so we got sandwiches and then headed back to the City Center again to go to the EMP museum that our tour guide had also never been inside of.  It is supposedly a museum of pop culture but mostly involves music.  They have a room full of Jimi Hendrix stuff, as unknown to any of us except Peter, he was from Seattle.  They had an even larger area devoted to Nirvana and the Grunge scene in Seattle but best of all the music stuff in Larry's opinion at least was the guitar display tracing the history of the guitar.  They had all sorts of guitars and explained how each guitar and its creator improved on the original.

Then it was dinner time and we sat and enjoy a leisurely dinner with Peter before rescuing our car which was left in the car of a local hotel to get all charged up.  Having missed rush hour we had a nice quick drive back to our motel, grabbed the last parking spot and settled down for the night.

Tonight's sunset over the harbor.

Regular Features 
States involved: We stayed in Seattle all day

The Fairmont Olympia Hotel will take your Tesla for the day, charge you the valet rate and charge it up.  Not cheap but very convenient in a city that is full of Teslas but not full of public places to charge them.  Without this charge our hope of seeing the Olympic Peninsula would be completely dashed.

Coolest car of the Day – The Corvette enthusiasts must have been mad that I did not pick the Sting Ray that was spotted yesterday so another '63 convertible appeared during lunch.  No picture was possible so you will have to take my word for it.

Church of the Day - There was a wearable art display at the EMP.  That is where this came from

Does this cathedral make my butt look big?

Song of the Day: Lithium by Nirvana - Between the big display at the EMP and the car's batteries being lithium based what else makes sense,

Coolest Thing of the Day – Larry – Chihuly with the guitar display a close second

Coolest Thing of the Day - Michelle – Seeing Peter with Chihuly a close second

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