Thursday, March 30, 2017

Day 5 - Famous things

Not having been to Charlotte in my life other than to switch planes at the airport my hosts took me to the aviation museum out by the airport.  It fit well with A Higher Call which is the book I am currently reading and was physically close to all my previous encounters with the city being located at one end of the airport property.  The book has been an interesting read for the first 174 pages many of them read while waiting for the car to charge.  Now that I am down in warmer weather I can take my folding chair out and sit outside to read which is quite nice.  But I digress from the museum whose prize possession is the US Air plane that Sully landed in the Hudson.  They have done a nice job of providing information about the plane, the flight and how so many people had to do things right for everyone to survive.  It also had footage of transporting the plane from New Jersey to North Carolina by truck which was no small task either.

The right side of flight US Air flight 1549 where the impact with the Hudson dented the plane

In addition they had some nice examples of fighters as there is a wing of the Air National Guard at the airport and from the signage they have been able to convince them to give them a number of decommissioned planes for exhibit.  However they did not have a Flying Fortress which both Karol and I wanted to see as her father was a turret gunner on one during World War II and my book is partly about a pilot of one.  It is but a small disappointment as everything else was well done.

We then repaired to an Irish Pub downtown after demonstrating to the Downings that if you are going to have to pay for downtown parking you might as well get some electricity in exchage by using Plug Share to find a nearby parking lot with chargers and then being lucky enough to find one without a gas engine car parked in the space.  We electric car owners call that being ICE'd where ICE stands for internal combustion engine.  Three of the four chargers were in fact ICE'd but the fourth worked perfectly and while we ate at the pub Hobson ate a bunch of electricity.  Once we were all full we headed home.

Charlotte NC - The parking lot only produced 30 amps out of the charger but it di not cost anything or demand some esoteric card to start it.

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