Thursday, March 30, 2017

Day 4 - Miscalculation confirmed

It is a long road to Tipperary but if you start in DC it is also a long road to Charlotte NC,  As I pointed out yesterday, most places in New England that are in adjacent states are near enough to reach before lunch time.  I was lucky to roll into the Downing's house before dinner and only made it because they held off cooking until I got there.  I guess my deteriorating estimates during the day made them suspect that I would be late.

While I was late in my goal to be on time I did stretch the cars limits a bit getting numerous warnings to slow down or I was not going to make it to my destination.  Having gotten so many and then having them melt away I think I figured out why we saw different warnings at different times during our long trip last summer.  The rather non-committal warnings I received seemed to emanate from a calculation the car does from your instantaneous battery reserve calculation which causes it  to pop up mostly when you are going up hill or accelerating quickly.  As I got none of the other more ominous warnings I suspect they originate from the other calculations the cars does like battery life based on the last 5,15 or 30 mile averages, and how much battery life will be left at the end of the trip.  As none of those indicators were ever negative the car would just gently warn me that I was playing with fire.

In any case I went over 200 miles on a not full battery and managed to show up in Charlotte with 13 miles left.  Lucky 13!  I did learn that the battery indicator which goes from green to orange at 50 miles goes rad at 15.  At the charger the other car was from Montana!  Montana is challenging to Teslas as the speed limits are high and the Superchargers scarce.  All power to her for buying such a non-complying vehicle to her terrain and making it work.

Having finally arrived it was great to see Gary and Karol in there new place. It is a great spot at the end of a cul-de-sac and a wonderful house with 10 foot high doors even in the closets.  I once again had a suitcase rack in my guest room.  Now I know why nobody comes to visit us.  We don't have one of those.  The steaks on the grill were delicious and the conversation lively.  They even have grandkids to talk about.

Woodbridge VA-  the is is in the middle of a parking lot to a very, very large mall which I entered to go the bathroom and then exited out the wrong side.  Thank God for the phone app that leads you back the car.   The long walk around the outside of the mall was =good for me though.

South Hill VA - I neglected to rad the very informative stuff about this on PlugShare prior to this stop and thus drove by it twice as it is an anomaly being not at a shopping center, not at a motel, not at a rest area including the big truck stop right of the exit but rather in the parking lot of an unattractive restaurant.  To add insult to injury PlugShare also indicated that one of the chargers was broken so again not having read up guess which one of the six I tried to hook up to first.

Charlotte NC - Having researched ahead of time I it would be a good spot that would allow me to get wine and Mallomars to bring to Gary's house and sunscreen besides.  Regrettably neither the supermarket or Walgreens carried Mallomars It turns out to be just down the street from where Karol works but not know that at the time I could not go in a make a scene.

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