Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Day 3 - Divots and Salsa

Today was a semi-repeat of yesterday.  The day started out rainy but as we swapped stories in the family room the world outside brightened and we decided to hit the golf course.  And hit it we literally did, or at least I did, digging up whole sections of fairway and rough attempting to get the ball in the hole.  I was reminded of my father’s favorite expression which he learned in the 101st Airborne during WWII, “The difficult we do immediately.  The impossible takes a little longer.”  Most holes were difficult, some were impossible but despite the longer time it often took we finished in time to get my clubs back in the car before it started raining again.  The course was actually a perfect length, had good lies if you were in the fairway, had enough water to lighten my bag by four balls, but gave out free water so overall we had a great time.

We then repaired to this really cool taco place called Taco Bamba which had some incredible taco combos.  I actually had a calamari taco with black squid sauce in addition to a more traditional beef one.  The food was delicious, the place was plenty funky and I highly recommend it to anyone in the vicinity of the two locations they have.  The bartender was even from Long Island.

After that we went back to the house and once again stayed up too late.  This will be a tough stop to leave but other fun beckons so off I go in the morning to Charlotte, NC.  Of course I told Gary I would be at his house about noon using my New England logic that a trip from adjacent states should never be more than four hours forgetting everything I have learned about the size of states increasing outside of our little section of the country.  Having been disabused by my hosts that I could make it to Charlotte than quickly I am looking at a full day of driving.

Charging stops:

None – Car was immobile all day other than the hatch.

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