Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Day 2 - Hitting golf balls

 As will be the case numerous times during this trip Hobson spent the day sitting around doing nothing except allowing me to get stuff that I needed out of it.  This trip partly came about because I am going to play my annual round of golf with my buddies from elementary school in North Carolina.  Having nothing better to do than finish my basement I figured i would make a trip out of it.  I advertised in Facebook for a contest to win an ugly old man on your couch and got more responses than I could possibly see in three weeks.  While everyone would have been great to see they are not spread well geographically being mostly in just two areas in Florida, the Miami area and the Tampa area so I had to make some hard choices about whose couch to be on although in reality eveyone in Florida offered a bed. 

I did choose well in the DC area as the Holdcrofts are great hosts.  For a trip that I billed as a couch surfing trip this is much more like an upscale motel.  They even have one of those things you hang on your door to not be disturbed.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included besides.  The rest of my hosts better have their A-game as the bar has been set rather high. 

In any case my buddy Jim, being been a dot your i's and cross your t's lawyer type, wants to make sure I am well prepared to face the courses in North Carolina so today we went to the driving range at Jim’s club and hit lots of golf balls in preparation to play real golf tomorrow as the next step in getting ready.  It was fun to play around on the practice tee with different stances and I even learned how to stand to get my drives to go more than 10 feet in the air.  This will be a big surprise to the guys from high school I have been playing with for years as they have never seen me hit the ball higher than the height of an NBA center off the ground.  They will probably counter that it barely clears a middle school guard's height but do not believe them.

Once having grooved our swings we returned to the house having picked up dinner along the way.  As Jim and I are both semi-retired we can sit around like college kids and solve the problems of the world.  As he was in high finance, which I know little about, his stories are intriguing as he describes the way deals are put together and the cast of characters that populate high positions in the financial world some apparently deservedly and some not.  We stayed up too late for a second night in a row.

Charging stops

None – Car was immobile all day other than the hood, hatch and front doors.

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